Discovering the mystery of how these dazzling pearls were created was an amazing adventure.

Firstly we found the one shell in the wild amongst millions that exhibited an amazing myriad of golden hues and a rainbow of breathtaking colour and opalescence.

Out of thousands of specimens that we studied, this was one unlike any other.
Over a 10 year journey of trial and error we learnt how to  breed the shell and then developed animal husbandry systems  to manage their development from microscopic lavae to  adults of over 300 mm

By artfully managing the shell in the water column to access different types of food and nutrients available  at different times of the year, we assisted the shell  to maximise their potential and bring forth their kaleidoscope of colour layers that radiate from within their depths.

Indian Pacific Pearls philosophy has always been to produce a pearl that is unique.
A cultured pearl free from artifical enhancements.
Juno Bay Pearls represent the very best that nature creates.